"Cruelty does not make a person dishonest, the same way bravery does not make a person kind."
— Veronica Roth, Insurgent
"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."
— Frederick Douglass

A kind of magic. (by A-Clockwork-Cupkake)



Neil Gaiman’s 8 Rules of Writing, a remake of this post. Source.

"We can know only that we know nothing. And that is the highest degree of human wisdom."
— Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace


Régis François Gignoux - Winter Scene in New Jersey

Régis François Gignoux (1816–1882) was a French painter who was active in the United States from 1840 to 1870. (Aliases: Marie-François-Régis Gignoux; Régis Francois Gignoux; Régis François Gignoux; Régis-François Gignoux) He was born in Lyon, France and studied at the École des Beaux-Arts under the French historical painter Hippolyte Delaroche, who inspired Gignoux to turn his talents toward landscape painting.

"Cosmic time is the same for everyone, but human time differs with each person. Time flows in the same way for all human beings; every human being flows through time in a different way."
— Yasunari Kawabata, Beauty and Sadness
"You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus."
— Mark Twain


Louis Valtat, Violet Cliffs,1900.

(via the-paintrist)

"Sometimes you meet someone and you know that your life will be different from then on."
— Julianna Baggott, Pure